€ 23,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, RGB, Zwart (mat), Zwart (mat), 463 x 168 x 30mm, QWERTY
A FUNCTIONAL KEYBOARD FOR GAMERS Every ambitious gamer needs a keyboard with features gameplay facilitating functions, such as Anti-Ghosting...

€ 22,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, RGB, 124 x 76 x 44 mm (180 cm kabel), Zwart, 106 g
PRECISELY FULFILLS THE GAMER’S NEEDS A good gaming mouse should not only be fast, precise and have a good grip, but also look the...

€ 47,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, RGB, 128 x 69 x 38 mm (200 cm kabel), Zwart, 112 g
STRAIGHT TO THE POINT WITH KRYPTON 700 Experienced players know, that the most important, in a professional gaming mouse, are the basic...

€ 49,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, Groen, Zwart (mat), Zwart (mat), 442 x 136 x 36mm, QWERTY
INDISPENSABLE DURING TOURNAMENTS Many gamers don’t let go off their keyboards even when they are playing outside of their home. Thor...

€ 18,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, RGB, 125 x 68 x 38 mm (180 cm kabel), Zwart, 89 g
KRYPTON 190 GAMING MOUSE The Krypton 190 gaming mouse proves that a good price does not necessarily mean lack of durability and...

€ 59,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, RGB, 125 x 68 x 38 mm (185 cm kabel), Zwart, 85 g
GAMING MOUSE FOR THOSE WHO KNOW QUALITY The Krypton 800 is a high class gaming mouse, which will fulfill the needs even of the most...

€ 29,95 incl. btw
CONSOLE? NOT WITH JUST CONTROLLER ANYMORE! Worlds of console and PC gaming intertwine with each other, more and more. Growing number of...

€ 15,99 incl. btw
USB 2.0, Blauw, 121 x 65 x 38 mm (180 cm kabel), Zwart, 99 g
KRYPTON 110 GAMING MOUSE The Krypton 110 gaming mouse is an ideal selection for gamers, who don’t want to pay too much buying a light,...

€ 31,99 incl. btw
Hoofdtelefoon aansluiting (minijack), Microfoon aansluiting (minijack), 1 (1x USB2.0), Rood, 200cm kabel
QUALITY AND STYLE Comfortable, durable and providing high quality stereo audio – meet the Neon 350 headphones. The device also looks...

€ 29,99 incl. btw
Micro SD-Kaartlezer, 3 (3x USB3.0), 116x103x110mm, Zwart
SMART SOLUTION OF MANY PROBLEMS For a long time the players have argued about the mouse: which is better, wired or wireless one. In the case...

€ 19,99 incl. btw
900 x 450 mm, Zwart
HIGH PRECISION The top layer of the Genesis M12 Maxi pad is made from a special fabric, which ensures high precision and causes that mouse...

€ 8,99 incl. btw
400 x 330 mm, Zwart
A TOP LAYER MADE OF FABRIC A top Genesis M12 MIDI layer made of fabric ensures incredibly high mouse movements tracking, as well as reducing...